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Every season, players will be stranded on an island and they will compete with each other and only one of them will win and will gain the title of Sole Survivor! A total of 138 castaways have competed in this Survivor group game, and though many have shown what it takes to win the game, only 6 winners have earned the title of Sole Survivor!

Season 1 : World's Apart

Season 2 : Pearl Islands

Season 3 : Borneo

Season 4 : China

Season 5 : Philippines

Season 6 : Micronesia: Fans vs Favorites

Season 7 : Samoa'

Season 8 : Blood vs Water


No. Winner Runner-Up(s) 2nd Runner Up FInal Vote
1 Kelly0412 harrywasnak None 3-2
2 Jaybirdnifty Sebby Booty 4-2-0
3 JordanForReal galore w___n 7-2-0
4 ClumsyConnor Baseballfan376 PoohSnap 6-2-1
5 BrainJak lionsden121 moondancer63 4-3-0
6 demikol Hufus & DallasAndrew None 6-1-1
7 Birks4444 LenaRose josiahsurvivor 5-1-0

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